Uncover the cleansing power of Sensibio H2O

Sensibio H2O isn’t your typical face cleanser, far from it in fact. Your skin is an ecosystem that requires careful care, Sensibio H2O’s ingredients mimic the biology of the skin to ensure only the most restorative and long-lasting cleanse.

Our no-rinse required solution removes 99% of make-up and 98% of small particles of impurities, all while protecting even the most hypersensitive skin. It all makes Sensibio H2O the favourite cleanser of many dermatologists. It is used even before and after dermatological procedures to ensure the skin is perfectly clean and to avoid any irritation.

Benefits of Sensibio H2O

Respects the ecosystem of the skin
Removes 99% of make-up
Respects 98% of small particles of impurities
Uses purified water
Protects hypersensitive skin
Cleanse & prepares skin for aftercare or make-up

What makes Sensibio H2O different?

Maximum Safety

Micellar Water sets new standards with its unprecedented skin benefits, offering purity unlike any other.
In Sensibio H2O we use highly purified water (HPW), which is used, among others, in the production of medicines. It is safer than cosmetic distilled water - it does not contain endotoxins, which reduces the risk of skin irritation. The physiological pH 5.5 makes the Sensibio H2O micellar water also perfect toner. Thats why it doesnt have to be rinsed and it will not irritate your skin.

Maximum Tolerance

The micelles inside Sensibio H2O mimic the lipids present in the skin. Thats why our micellar solution effectively cleanses it without affecting its protective barrier. Thanks to this, Sensibio H2O is tolerated even by sensitive, allergic and reactive skin. Sensibio H2O is a perfect combination of effectiveness, delicacy and pleasure of use - it leaves the skin refreshed, without the unpleasant feeling of tightness or oily skin.

How Micelles work

How to use micellar water

How to properly clean your face by dermatologists

As effortless as it is effective, discover the many ways you can incorporate Sensibio H2O into your skincare routine, guaranteeing an unprecedented standard of cleans that dermatologists are proud to recommend.

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